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August 21, 2010

lemon lavender

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This dress makes me think of this smell….

August 15, 2010

for the love of vintage, painting, and dresses

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 8×10 watercolor and charcoal on cold press – Click here to purchase
For the longest time I thought that in order to express myself through my art, I had to paint a specific, clever something, in a certain way, using certain colors. I am starting to understand that just sitting down and painting what I love in the style that I love painting in expresses me and how I feel better that the perfect symbolic composition. The act of creating is therapy for me. The colors that I choose make me feel a certain way. I love these dresses- I love what vintage means and I love that there are so many stories behind them. I wonder who wore them, and who will wear them next and what the dress means to them. I love the elegance of those eras and the pride that people took back then in how they looked and the quality of the clothing that they made and wore. I hope to bring a little bit of those feelings to other people by painting these dresses! 

August 10, 2010

Art With A Heart Show

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The Ronald McDonald House of Columbia (a great organization, I’ve seen them helping families firsthand!) is having an art show! Thursday, August 26th from 5:30-8:30 p.m. marks the ‘Art with a Heart’ show at the 701 Center for Contemporary Art located at 701 Whaley Street, Columbia, SC 29201.

Wind down your Thursday evening while browsing the wide array of fabulous pieces of art. I will be featuring some of my artwork for sale, along with over 20 other well-known local artists including Christian Thee, last year’s best seller Zackery Worth, as well as additional beloved artists. There will be dessert compliments of The Melting Pot, live entertainment by the USC Cocktails and local musicians, and drinks compliments of Sam’s Fine Wine and Spirits.

RMHC is so excited to have such wonderful support from the participating Midland’s Artists who have agreed to donate a portion of their sales to benefit their cornerstone programs-
The Ronald McDonald House and the Ronald McDonald Family Room.
Please visit to view the list of participating artists!

Tickets are only $15 each or $25 for two and will be available at the door or you can call 803-254-0118 to purchase in advance.

A portion of all proceeds benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities of Columbia, SC.

I’ll be bringing some of my newest dresses and I hope to see you there!

August 7, 2010

Carolina Stroll – A downtown Wilmington, North Carolina coastal watercolor painting

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This was a tricky one for me… all those straight lines! You guys know I struggle with those! I’m more a a loose whirly come what may painter, but this painting had too much detail for that. Also, I used a new paper for the first time ever, Arches Art Board. It is interesting- it’s almost impossible to get a soft edge with it, the paint runs the edge and dries hard. Those of you in the North Carolina area should recognize this view-  it’s the downtown Front Street area of Wilmington. What a great little coastal town! Rachel and I are heading up there for the 9th Annual Art Walk, on September 11th, and we hope to see you there!

August 6, 2010

Vintage drawings…. drawn when they weren’t vintage!

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I am so in love with these drawings of vintage clothes- all the more so because my Grandma Marj drew them! I had no idea that she drew anything beyond doodling while she’s on the phone, but when my stepmom saw my dress paintings, she said they reminded her of the style of drawing  that her mom used to do. Her and my dad drove up to New York last week, and these came back home with her! I have a whole sketchbook full!

I love the sassy posture of her models, and the bags! And the little kitten heels! And the little details! And the hair. I could go on and on.

July 26, 2010

Getting ready for Wilmington, NC – "The Silver Eagle" – a shrimpin’ boat

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Rachel and I have started getting ready for the Annual Art Walk, in downtown Wilmington, NC, by gathering all the photos from the last trip I took there (it’s been a while) and (finally) started painting them. I’ve got piers, shrimpin’ boats, beaches, and the famous Front Street. The show is on September 11, on the aforementioned Front Street (the close it down to traffic) from 10:00 until 5:00. I love Wilmington and I’m hoping to get a little mini-vacation out of the trip! 
You can find this painting here. It’s 8″x10″ watercolor on cold press.
I loved the birdies that are perched everywhere.

July 18, 2010

New Dresses…New Blog

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Here are two new dresses, which I wanted to be a champagne color (super hard to render in watercolor!) I used some blues and grays and browns for the shadows and light.

The top is from Dear Golden Vintage, and the bottom is from Land of 1000 Dresses.

I’ve also decided to start a blog just for the vintage dresses. They’ve sort of taken over and need their own space, I think! You can check it out at

July 7, 2010

Bomb Island – a new Lake Murray watercolor painting

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Bomb Island, also known as Lunch Island or Doolittle Island,  is the summer home to many thousands of purple martins. Each summer, a huge flock of Purple Martins fill the predawn and evening skies, establishing their seasonal roost at Bomb Island, located in the middle of the lake. The island is the site of the first official sanctuary in North American designated solely for roosting Purple Martins.

The island got the name Bomb Island from the days of it’s being a practice target for World War II pilots, nicknamed “Dolittle’s Raiders”, who later became famous for their attack on Japan which helped to bring an early end to the war.

I wanted to paint a local painting for the South Carolina State Fair, and as this is a pretty well known landmark here on Lake Murray, I chose one of the photos that we took there this summer to paint from. Hopefully I am juried in again this year!
11×14 watercolor on cold press

June 30, 2010

Pink Vintage Party Dresses

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What a loooooong week I am in! Whew! I am in need of another vacation soon. I may need to take a vacation from my “day job” to get some painting done! The photos are piling up, ready to be painted, applications for shows are waiting patiently to be filled out, my receipts are ready to be filed…. I may need another me or two! 
For now, here are some pretty pink dresses, which you can purchase as a painting from my shop, or as an actual dress from landof1000dresses

June 21, 2010

teal, cyan, aquamarine, cerulean, turquoise, cobalt….dresses

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I love this color.
Dear Golden  has so many pretty colors in her shop right now, this gorgous blue-green being one of them. I couldn’t resist a little series. The top two are 8×10, the third one down is 11×14, and the bottom one is 16×20. Perfect for hanging together in a bedroom, office, or laundry room?
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