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October 24, 2009

DSDF – San Francisco Rooftops – Avanti Interior Design

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For the latest DSDF challenge,  I cropped the original photo (a rooftop view of San Francisco near Market Street) to the top half. I liked the way there were a lot of square shapes that led your eye inward to a little bit of detail.  It’s a combination of straight lines, loose brushwork, and muted, almost retro colors. 

A few of my originals are now for sale through Avanti Interior Design, in downtown Columbia. It’s very cool to have paintings for sale in an interior design showroom because I think it really gives people an idea of what the artwork will look like in their homes or business, rather than them trying to envision it while the art is in a traditional art gallery setting…

“San Francisco Rooftops” 11″x14″ watercolor on 140lb cold press…. click here to purchase!



  1. Great job with the challenge, Lauren! And congrats on the showroom; it does seem like the perfect environment for someone to get to know your work before taking it home.

    Comment by Kerri Settle — October 24, 2009 @ 9:15 pm

  2. Very good work Lauren! I think this is one of your bst yet! Congrats on the representation at Avanti!

    Comment by Cathyann — October 25, 2009 @ 12:08 am

  3. Wonderful interpretation of the challenge!

    Comment by Claire — October 25, 2009 @ 1:21 am

  4. Love your rendition of the challenge Lauren. So cool of you to have your work in the showroom. Potential for lots of traffic to enjoy and appreciate your talent!!

    Comment by Sheila — October 25, 2009 @ 1:33 am

  5. Wonderful interpretation of the challenge, Lauren. It has a very urban feel to it!

    Comment by Dana Cooper Fine Art — October 26, 2009 @ 4:27 am

  6. Well done Lauren. Love your style… congrats on Avanti and Etsy!

    Comment by Tracie Brown — October 26, 2009 @ 12:51 pm

  7. i love how you've cropped this, lauren! it gives you a completely new perspective! and i love how you've painted it, too…'s fantastic!! congrats on having your artwork featured in avanti…..i'm so happy that you're getting the exposure that you deserve!! 🙂

    Comment by lori vliegen — October 26, 2009 @ 5:19 pm

  8. great entry for DSFDF

    Comment by dominique eichi — October 26, 2009 @ 7:54 pm

  9. You did a wonderful job on this composition. Great work!

    Comment by DEB — October 27, 2009 @ 1:30 am

  10. Congratulations! This is a stunning work of yours. I am really amazed to see your talent Lauren!My first ever Glass Painting: Tinkerbell

    Comment by Megha Chhatbar — October 27, 2009 @ 6:34 am

  11. Such a nice interpretation of the challenge, great colors and center of focus.

    Comment by Ann Rogers — October 27, 2009 @ 7:22 pm

  12. Well done Lauren. … congratulations on Avanti and Etsy..well deserved.

    Comment by Celeste Bergin — October 28, 2009 @ 3:51 am

  13. 🙂 thank you everyone!!

    Comment by Lauren Maurer — October 28, 2009 @ 11:40 am

  14. Wow Lauren this is beautiful! I love how you were able to capture the peeling painting on the one building. Such a contrast to the newer modern buildings. PS..thanks for your fresh young eyes spying mine in DSFDF. I need to up my prescription!

    Comment by Sheila — October 28, 2009 @ 2:43 pm

  15. No problem, Sheila! It stood out to me and I remembered it so when I read your post I had to go back and double check!

    Comment by Lauren Maurer — October 28, 2009 @ 2:52 pm

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