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November 3, 2010

black and silver, sparkle and lace, bows and shows…. (and a wishlist)…

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I love this paint. Sparkles and silver and gold. Amazing. I wish the photos would show ALL of the sparkly glitteryness, but I tried scanning and photographing in all different lights, with every single setting on my camera, and this was the best that I could do.So…. I guess you’ll have to come to Vista Lights and see them for yourself ~ I’ll be at The Gallery at DuPre. I wish I was going to be there in this dress, (or maybe this onethis ring, this coat, and these shoes (or maybe these!) 
P.S. visit me on Facebook! I’m going to be running some great sales soon, and you can be the first to hear about them!

October 30, 2010

vintage dress paintings for the holidays

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Introducing….. Allen Company Inc (soft and neutral…. grays, blacks, whites and browns), and Twirl Vintage (full of color)…. Two amazing vintage shops in which I found around a million or so dresses to paint. 
I’ve added a list of links to the side of my blog so that when you see these dress paintings and it makes you want to buy a vintage dress of your very own, you can easily pop over to one of the amazing vintage shops that I love so much and buy one! 
For the holidays, I am mostly doing black and white, silver and gold dresses. But I couldn’t leave out a green and red set! The green dress is from Allen Company Inc and the red dress is from Twirl Vintage. The green one has a bit of gold in it! Actual, real, sparkly gold! I stopped trying to find watercolors that were metallic and started watering down my Golden Acrylic Interference and Iridescent paints – and I LOVE the results. They look so amazing on my black and white dresses (post coming soon!)
I love love love green. It’s one of my very favorite colors. Red…  not so much. Maybe because I’m a redhead and red anything looks bad on me (or near me). So I generally avoid it, but I realize others don’t necessarily share my opinion., and I feel bad neglecting the red lovers of the world. The actual dress is pink, but I took a little liberty with it 🙂 

October 23, 2010

Little Black Dresses

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The little black dress… classic in any decade. Timeless, really.
I’m really super excited about painting holiday dresses for the Vista Lights show! I started off with some black dresses from Dear Golden, which are perfect for holiday parties, and then I want to paint some with metallic paints! Maybe glitter? Is that a bit too much? I already did a larger dress in acrylic with this beautiful coppery gold color and black, but I’m not really sure where to find metallic watercolors. Any suggestions?

October 20, 2010

customer feedback… a picture is worth a thousand words

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I love when my paintings find new homes, and I love to hear about how pleased people are when they receive them! When I work shows, or meet people through the galleries where my art is shown, I get instant gratification. Through online sales, however, I rely on people leaving me feedback through my shop or via email (which is nice)- but! Today I received a super sweet email complete with a photo of the dresses in their new home! LOVE!

October 11, 2010

Quite dapper, don’t you think?

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I don’t know, Lee… I’m a little nervous about this- #1, it’s a men’s suit, not a dress, and #2, it’s in acrylic, not watercolor. What do you think? I would like to paint some full length suits, to match my full length dresses, so that’s next on the list- but I had this 8×10 canvas and I loved the crop of this picture. 
I’m so glad to have artist friends like Lee who are super inspirational and when I say I’m going to do something, they hold me to it! 

October 4, 2010

my paintings are in Better Homes & Gardens DIY magazine!

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They are on page number 58! 

October 3, 2010

Lauren, meet Yupo… Yupo, meet Ink…

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Dresses from Dear Golden… 11×4, and 8×10 Watercolor and Ink on Yupo … click here to purchase
I am not sure why I didn’t paint dresses on Yupo sooner, I totally am in love with this stuff! Yupo is a synthetic paper, and super slippery. I’ve tried it before with flowers and landscapes, and just wasn’t feeling it…until… Lee Monts, an awesome artist and friend, painted his latest landscapes using Yupo with INK. So I went to City Art, scooped up a bunch, and am loving it! 

September 20, 2010

pleasantly plum

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Click here to visit the shop dressed up in it’s new color … plum  … and click here to purchase the actual dresses from Adelaide Homesewn…

September 15, 2010

fall reminds me of….

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Fall makes me think of hot cocoa, vanilla lattes, mums, pumpkins and squash, and warm colors…

I think it would look great to have these fun dresses all hung together in different frames…
Click here to find these dresses in my shop! 
And click here to find them at Dear Golden! 

August 28, 2010

Custom Wedding Dress Portraits

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Perfect for brides… a custom painting of their wedding dress!

All I need is a picture of the bride facing forward in her gorgeous dress. 

I wish I could take credit for this great idea, but it was a lady who found me on Etsy and requested that I paint her cousins wedding dress as a gift. The very next night at a show, another lady asked that I paint her wedding dress for her that she could someday pass on to her daughter. I love it! 

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